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Market and Audience Overview

Baya Bar has unique juice bar and smoothie bowl franchise opportunities, and currently operates in eight locations, with six between Brooklyn and Staten Island, one in New Jersey, & our newest in Kenner, LA. 

The consumer for this retail acai business model is the health food-oriented consumer who has an awareness of what they are putting into their bodies, and whose food purchases are educated and informed. While this market audience is highly developed, the acai market itself is relatively new, and therefore less competitive than other food service markets geared to this audience. While the entire public is a potential audience, our customers tend to be younger and in middle-to-upper income demographics.

Although Baya Bar's delicious products tend to thrive more during the spring, summer and fall, sales are actually not seasonal in most markets. The reason behind this is because of Christmas gift cards & New Year's resolutions, which really give business a boost and contribute largely to the gaining of many new customers.

You may compete against national chains (although there isn’t a main strong national chain in place now), regional chains, and independent owners; some of these competitors are franchised.

We may establish other Shops in your area (if your Franchise Agreement allows it), and we may sell or license others to sell products in your area. Also, sales through the internet, toll-free telephone numbers, catalogs, or other similar means of distribution to customers in your area may occur.

Franchise Opportunities

We offer juice bar and smoothie bowl franchise opportunities in all parts of the United States, with a special focus on expansion on the East Coast from Massachusetts to Miami, as well as all of Florida, Atlanta, Texas, Arizona, Louisiana and Nevada.

The Competition

Our competitors are other acai shops, juice bars, and health food shops. 

However, our Baya Bar brand stands well apart from the crowd due to the aesthetic beauty of our bowls, and in our use of only the highest-quality ingredients. We use 100% organic acai, organic milks and dairy alternatives, fruits and juices. We not only serve up delicious products, but our mission is to provide products that actually improve the health of our patrons, a quality that sets us above our competitors.

We also offer the largest bowls on the market, as well as the most toppings. The quality and beauty of our products positions them as not only snacks but as full meal replacements, allowing us to tap into the breakfast, lunch and dinner crowd, not just those looking for a treat. We are more highly shared on social media by our patrons than our competitors  – they love our products, and spread the word for us!

Contact us today to discuss our juice bar and smoothie bowl franchise opportunities, and how we might bring a healthy Baya Bar franchise to your area.