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Organic Origins

Baya Bar is committed to serving up smoothies and smoothie bowls that are crafted with enthusiasm to be both healthy, delicious, and aesthetically pleasing, with our smoothie bowl and juice bar franchise opportunity. Products made from nutrient-rich ingredients such as organic coconut milk, organic cold pressed apple juice & other dairy alternatives, full of vitamins & healthy fats, all with no added natural or artificial sweeteners, Baya Bar is providing a premium product in the acai bowl market with our smoothie bowl and juice bar franchise opportunities.

"We take great pride in balancing wellness with terrific flavor in products that can improve our customer’s moods, productivity and energy levels, all while helping them power through their demanding days."

Baya Bar brings this same commitment to excellence and positive energy to all aspects of the business, from their lively social marketing to their colorful, fun, comfortable outlets and popular online presences.

From Wall Street to Well Being

In early 2016, Baya Bar founder Bill Loesch was at a crossroads. Although he had achieved his goal of a Wall Street career, he wanted to make a change in his life. He took a trip to clear his mind, and along the way decided it was time to do something different. He returned to New York to quit his former dream job, and put his background as a Financial Analyst to work as he began months of research and development on a relatively new concept for Brooklyn and Staten Island – the Acai Bowl. Acai is a fiber-and-antioxidant-rich super fruit from Brazil that had taken the West Coast by storm, and which was gaining ground and moving East, creating a new demand and market for the product.

Loesch developed his recipes, and got ahead of the East Coast Acai trend by opening his first Baya Bar in December 2016, in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, serving up bowls full of ‘freshness, fiber, fuel and fun’ that help bring well-being to their consumers.

A Social Market

Baya Bar credits a strong social media marketing program for much of their marketing success. They built Instagram and Facebook pages well before the first location was opened. This allowed word to spread in advance of the opening, and got people talking about them and anxious to sample their creations. 

They have continued to use social media to share new products and new locations as they open. The strategy is working, and the crowds continue to come in for a snack or a meal. The Baya Bar audience tends to be mostly women and young folks ages 14 to 34 - a client base that loves to share photos of beautiful food on social media, which means enormous amounts of free marketing for the Baya Brand. 

Going National

Loesch wants to move the concept to a national level through franchising, with a few goals in mind: to create a strong well known brand across the nation; to bring great tasting healthy food to the masses; and to help consumers become more aware of what they are putting into their bodies

Contact us today to learn more about our smoothie bowl and juice bar franchise opportunities, and to take part in the growth with a Baya Bar location of your own!